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Advanced Economic Seminars 330:The Motherhood Penalty on Health: Evidence from China

2023-11-13 08:36:39

Topic:The Motherhood Penalty on Health: Evidence from China

Lecturer:AssistantProfessor,Xuan Zhang,Singapore Management University

Time:10:00-11:00 a.m.November16th, 2023

Venue:B321ZhixinBuilding, Central Campus

Abstract:A comprehensive understanding of women's physical and mental well-being following childbirth is important, as it can inform policies regarding the labor market equity and health insurance coverage. We examine the impact of childbirth and child rearing on health outcomes of parents. Using an event study model with data from China, we find a persistent motherhood penalty on both physical and mental health, whereas there is little fatherhood penalty on health. We have explored three potential mechanisms that might explain the unequal impacts of children on parental health. First, mothers experience a greater increase in total work time (including paid work, housework, and childcare hours) than fathers after having a child. Second, mothers are more likely to engage in multitasking. Finally, mothers are more likely to experience sleep deprivation in the first year followingchildbirth.