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Advanced Economic Seminars 329:The New Trend of Corporate Governance Development

2023-11-08 08:31:10

Topic:The New Trend of Corporate Governance Development

Lecturer:Professor,Weian Li, Nankai University

Time:19:30-20:30 p.m.November11th, 2023

Venue:609 XinxiBuilding, Central Campus

Abstract:As the foundation and forerunner of the national governance system and governance capacity, promoting the reform and development of corporate governance is an important theme of China's economic reform. Sorting out the key issues facing the development of corporate governance in China in the new period and deconstructing the latest trend of corporate governance development are of great significance for promoting the improvement of corporate governance theory and practice. In the context of green development concept, data socialization, post-epidemic era and other multiple contexts, we will grasp the new trends of corporate governance, such as from social responsibility to ESG, from traditional governance to digital governance, from normal governance to emergency governance, from business value to governance value creation, and the development of independent director system. On the one hand, it helps to promote the theoretical innovation of corporate governance in our country; on the other hand, economic and social development constantly proposes new topics for corporate governance research and practice. To solve these problems successfully, we need to grasp the main contradiction of corporate governance development and scientifically answer from the perspective of promoting the transformation and development of corporate governance.