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The 10th Shandong University and Wakayama University Economic Forum;Complex Economic Situation and Innovation of Economic Theory

2019-12-12 19:52:40

The 10thShandong University and Wakayama University Economic Forum

Complex Economic Situation and Innovation of Economic Theory

Conference Agenda

Date: December 18, 2019 Venue: Zhixin Complex B321, SDU




Opening Ceremony

Host:Sun Shuqin , Vice Dean of School of Economics, Shandong University

Address by: Cao Tingqiu, Dean of School of Economics, Shandong University;

Kupahny LUMBIDI, Vice President of Wakayama University, Japan


Session I

Chair: Sun Shuqin (Shandong University)

Topic1: Supply Chain Partnership as a Strategic Choice of Global Companies

Reporter:Kupahny LUMBIDI (Wakayama University)

Topic2:The Rise of Trade Policy Uncertainty and Its Economic Effects

Reporter: Zhang Lijuan (Shandong University)


GroupPhoto(outside of Zhixin Building)andCoffee Break


Session II

Chair: Sun Shuqin (Shandong University)

Topic3:Burden Sharing and Self-enforcing Climate Agreements

Reporter:Katsunori Ohta (Wakayama University)

Topic4:Does Export Expansion Affect Children Morbidity? Evidence from China

Reporter: Liu Kaihao (Shandong University)

Topic 5:Banks’ Equity Stakes in Firms: A blessing or curse in credit markets?

Reporter: Yu Yuejuan (Shandong University)


Lunch Break (University Hotel, the First Floor)


Session III

Chair: Liu Kaihao (Shandong University)

Topic6:A Consideration on Malthus’s influence

Jevons and Keynes as heterodox economists

Reporter:ABE Shujiro(Wakayama University)

Topic7:Continuous Private Monitoring

Reporter: Gao Lei (Shandong University)

Topic8:The Interregional Economic Relations through Tracking Value Added in China by Multi-Regional Input-Output Model

A Consideration from The 2012 China Multi-Regional 8-sector Input-Output Table of 31 Provincial Units

Reporter:Takaaki KANAZAWA (WakayamaUniversity)


Coffee Break


Session IV

Chair: Liu Kaihao, Shandong University

Topic9: Voluntary private contributions to public goods and the optimal non-linear income tax

Reporter: Zhang Yi (Shandong University)

Topic10:Application of management characteristics of Japan type DMO to China Analysis of actual situation of the structure of DMO in Japan and proposals

Reporter: Song Qian (Wakayam University)

Topic11:Two-way FDI, Development of Manufacturing Service and Total Productivity

----a Study Based on Japanese Service

Reporter: Zhao Yuetong ( Shandong University)


Closing Ceremony

Remarks by:ABE Shujiro, Vice Dean of Faculty of Economics and Graduate

School of Economics, Wakayama University;

Sun Shuqin, Vice Dean of School of Economics, Shandong University


Gala Dinner