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SDU Public Economics and Finance Seminar No.5

2024-05-31 11:04:56


How does land use policy affect local labor market and housing market?


This paper examines the impact of land use policy on the local labor market and housing market in China. There are two primary land use purposes: residential land and productive land. We found that the more land the Chinese local government grants for productive use, the lower the regional unemployment rates, the higher the regional wages, and the higher the housing prices. We then develop a model to explore the mechanism behind the aforementioned empirical facts. Higher productive land attracts more firms and creates more jobs but reduces the land available for building houses. This model allows for a deeper understanding of the causal pathways through which land use policy exerts its influence on economic and housing market variables.

Lecturer: Jiakai Zhang

Dr. Jiakai Zhang is an Assistant Professor of Management at New Mexico Tech. He earned his Ph.D. in Economics from the Graduate Center at the City University of New York. His research interests lie in the field of public economics, urban economics, and the Chinese economy.

Time: May 20 ,2024 10:10-11:30

Venue: B336,Zhixin Building,Central Campus