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Financial Academic Lecture NO.22

2024-05-31 10:47:14


Cheng Yao, Associate Professor, School of Economics, Southwest University of Finance and Economics. Ph. D. in economics from the University of York. Her research interests include matching theory, market and mechanism design, and game theory. Her research results have been published in the Journalof Health Economics and Economics (Quarterly Journal).


Multiple positions will be allocated to a group of individuals without side payments. Every individual has preferences over the positions, can have at most one position and may behave strategically. The right of using each position relies on individuals' given priorities. We propose a new solution called the proper exclusion right core which always guarantees to have precisely one solution. The solution is efficient, weakly and properly fair, can be supported by competitive prices and sasily found by a procedure in a strategy-proof way. It is built on a novel exclusion right system that respects priorities and maximizes self- consistent exclusion rights.

Time: May 10,2024 10:00-11:00

Venue: Venue: B336,Zhixin Building,Central Campus