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Youth League Academic Luncheon 104:Putting Industries into the ldea-flows Model:A Ouantitative Analysis

2023-12-12 08:53:18

Topic:Putting Industries into the ldea-flows Model:A Ouantitative Analysis

Lecturer:Assistant Researcher,Chi Zhang,School of Economics, Shandong University

Time:12:15-13:15p.m.December14th, 2023

Venue:B321,Zhixin Building, Central Campus

Abstract:This paper studies the dynamic evolution ofthe patterns of Ricardian comparative advantagefrom the perspective of knowledge diffusion. Thetheoretical analysis builds knowledge diffusioninto a quantifiable model of trade by allowing forindustry-level productivity to evolve through aspatial flow of ideas.This theoretical frameworkyields a law of motion of industry-levelproductivity across countries,capturing stronginterdependence in the evolution of Ricardiancomparative advantage. We calibrate the modelto78economies and15manufacturingindustries,spanning from 1991 to 2017. Ourquantitativeframeworkcapturesstrongconvergence in industry-level productivity andfacilitates the identification of the key playersthat contribute most to global productivitygrowth. We use our model to draw a rich set ofquantitative implications,including a welfareanalysis of targeted restrictions of technologytrade.