Bachelor of Finance and Economics Bachelor of Financial Mathematics and Financial Engineering The program is designed mainly to introduce students to basic theoretical and general knowledge in various fields of economy. Students have the option of focusing on specific aspects of economics and finance, such as enterprise economics, market, banking, government policies and international issues, globalization, and the environment. The program also offers a wide range of courses on China’s economy. Students who graduate from this program possess the requisite to enable them to work in policy research administrations, industrial enterprises, trading companies and financial institutions.
This is a four-year or 8-semester program. Students will spend 7 semesters to study basic theoretical knowledge mainly at class. The first and second years of study follows a common core curriculum that helps build a solid economic foundation as well as develop essential skills in mathematics, statistics, and econometrics. From the third year on, the program provides a list of specific compulsory economic courses as well as various selective courses which led to two different aspects, economics and finance. In the last semester, students are supposed to take internship in financial institution or trading companies. Upon the completion of the program, graduates will be awarded a Bachelor Degree of Economics, recognized by the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China.
The degree program is structured as two semesters each year. Each semester consists of 16 weeks followed by revision time and examinations. Students will have around 20 hours of lectures each week. Courses are assessed through a mixture of quizzes, assignments and test-paper examinations.

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