Jiangchen Library

Centrally located, both are few minutes from student residents and teaching buildings, the libraries offer the following services:

· More than 400 Computers in the computer room for students to surf the Internet .

· Wireless network service covers the whole libraries

· Special room for reading journals and newspapers

· Copying and printing machines are all available in the reading room

· Teachers on duty are ready to help you


The International Students' Complex located on the Central Campus of SDU enjoys beautiful scenery with bridges and rivers. Living in the foreign block is not only cozy but also convenient as its location is several minutes distance from one of the libraries and classrooms. University offers several types of rooms to cater to different students; single room, twin room and suite are all available. It has a cafe, a store, communal kitchens, a laundry room, communal washrooms, shower rooms, and gymnasium.

Single room Cost: 40-70yuan/room/day

Furnished with air-conditioner, heating system, telephone, TV, Internet socket, and toilet.

Double room Cost: 70yuan/room/day

Furnished with air-conditioner, heating system, telephone, TV, Internet socket, and toilet.

University Gym

The gym of SDU is a comprehensive and fully functional gymnasium, which is able to hold regional and national matches. It facilities one swimming pool, two basketball training halls, and practice range for handball, volleyball, Ping-Pong, and badminton. Fencing Hall is also located in the central campus.

ChineseCulture ExperiencingBase

Shandong University is a wonderful place to experience Chinese culture, not only because the location but also the facilities. There is a base for experiencing and exploring Traditional Chinese Culture, which opens to all students without any charge. The base is sponsored by Chinese Confucius Institute and is specially used to carry out cultural activities for foreign students. It is miniature of Chinese history and culture and also acts as the broadcaster. Students are able to experience various facilities such as calligraphy and traditional Chinese painting.