What is the program about?

Today's rapidly developing economy is witnessing an increasing shift of weight towards the Asia-Pacific Region. Here, China is playing a significant role as the largest and most globalized player. While more Chinese open up their horizon with global perspective in their business and daily life, people from outside of China are equally aware of importance of gaining insightful knowledge of China. This would be the first international student only MBA program in China. The Center Globalization and China Economic is the bridge between our MBA program and the lasting impact our graduates understand real china. Deeply rooted in the rich soil of Shandong University’s century-long history of humanities and academy, the MBA Program has embodied the ideals and missions of her founders and is discovering your path and reshaping your future. This Program, supported by the extraordinary faculty and professional administration team, strides to meet the in-depth analysis on China’s economy and finance with topical discussions with perspective.

Students earn the Shandong University MBA degree in a program that is tailored to the needs of international students and international working professionals home and abroad, who want to have an in-depth exposure to Chinese economy, Chinese economy reform and practice, and Chinese tradition and modern culture, and who have potential intent to work or advance their career in the business circle in China in the future.

Full-time MBA program was designed for potential young talents of manager and advanced technology talents manager who needs to accelerate their business, upgrade to the high level of their career in future

How long does the program last?

Shandong University International MBA offers an two-years full-time program will be fully taught in English.

Who is eligible to apply?

1.Applicants must be Non-Chinese citizens in good health, at the age of 18 or above, and possess a valid and private passport;

2.Applicants must have bachelor's degree or above;

·Applicants who have not yet graduated can obtain a pre-graduation letter from their current educational institution stating their expected date of graduation. If accepted, applicant is required to provide the original graduation certificate upon registration. Otherwise, the acceptance qualification will be cancelled.

3.Language Requirement:

·Applicants with English as native language are exempted from English language certificate.

·Applicants from non-English speaking countries must provide IELTS (6.0 or above), new TOEFL (80 points or above) or other comparable certification of English proficiency.

·Applicants who have obtained their highest degree with English as the medium of instruction are exempted from providing language proficiency certification, but proof indicating the language medium is required.

4.No specific requirements for working experience. We encourage international students to apply with confidence and real interests to know about China and its economy and even to work or advance their career in China after completion of this program.

How to Graduate?

Shandong University International MBA designs a 36-credit curriculum. Students must complete full 36 credits to obtain the MBA degree. That includes:

Application Checklist:

²Application Form

²Photo Page of Passport

²Bachelor's Degree / Pre-Graduation Letter

²Official University/College Transcript

²Two Letters of Recommendation (from prof/associate prof. or enterprise leaders)

²Motivation Letter

²Proof of Language Proficiency (if applicable)

²Proof of Employment (if applicable)

²Other Attachments (if needed)


This pioneering MBA offers insightful knowledge in comparative perspective about China’s economy, finance and politics. It is designed for foreign students (including Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan) and provides an excellent enhancement for their career.

Shandong University is one of the oldest universities in China immersed in rich traditional Confucius culture and modern vitality. Its location is adjacent to the home of Confucius where you can understand real China.

To promote the SDU MBA program and encourage the participation of able students, we offer the following studentship:

•Tuition fees plus living expenses

•Tuition fees only


We adopt an equal opportunity policy and the decisions will be made only on academic merits. Early applications are encouraged.

Program Courses

Compulsory course

n Introduction to Modern Economics

n Chinese Economy in Comparative Perspective

n Financial Accounting with Chinese Characteristics

n China's Monetary Policy, Banking and Stock Market in Comparative Perspective

n Human Resources with Chinese Characteristics

n Marketing with Chinese Characteristics

n Quantitative Methods For Business

n History of China’s Economy

Elective Courses

lReview and Prospect of Chinese Economic Reforms

lComparison Analysis on Chinese and Western financial System and Institution

lChina’s Commercial Diplomacy

lPast, Present and Future: China’s Economic Policy Foreign Trade and FDI Policy industrial Policy employment Policy Taxation Policy

lComparison of Chinese and Western Culture

lComparison of Chinese and Western Political System

lComparison of Chinese and Western Law System

lComparison of Chinese and Western Philosophy

lChinese History and Archaeologist

lChinese Classics and Leadership

lChina Traditional Cultural Experience

lConfucius Cultural Experience

lCorporate M – Learning

lChina’s Field Trip

Highlights of the Program  

1st MBA program in China solely offered to international students

More than 100 years of history at Shandong University (Established in 1902)

Heartland of Chinese culture

World famous economic/economist leadership program

Invest in your career: Low cost with Big returns


Registration Fee: 400 RMB  

Tuition: 90,000RMB TOTAL

Medical Insurance: 800RMB/year

Online Application

“Online Application System” is available for prospective international students, and please enter for getting more details, submitting application and tracking application status.

Contact Information

International Admission Office                  School of Economics

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