Professional M .A. in Economics
(Program instructions are mostly in Chinese)
The School of Economics at Shandong University offer s a professional master program leading to M.A. in economics. While the focus of academic M.A. program is on analytic rigor and original research, the professional M.A. program emphasizes practical trainings for aspiring business professionals. For example, while intermediate microeconomics, macroeconomics and econometrics are all required for academic M.A. students, they are electives for professional M.A. students (many still take them anyway). As such, the professional M.A. program equips students with critical skills and knowledge of real-world relevance, which enable them to go on to successful careers in government and the private sector.  
This program takes three years to complete. The coursework is usually completed in the first 3 semesters, while the rest of time is devoted to internship and thesis writing. There are 6 specialized fields available (see below), all of which are highly relevant and in great demand in the business world.
Upon completion of coursework, g raduate students are strongly encouraged to attend weekly seminars by renown scholars and business leaders alike, and undertake practical researches early on. O ur close ties with business and governmental organizations in Shandong Province and throughout China allows students to have intimate knowledge of how the Chin ese economy works, and formulate their research questions accordingly during the process.
1. Specialized Fields of Economics for the Professional M . A . Degree
The following 6 specialized fields are available for professional M . A . student s .

Specialized Field
Total Credits
Required Courses
Elective Courses
A pplied S tatistics
Asset Appraisal
F inance
I nsurance
I nternational Business
2. Requirements for the Professional M . A . Degree
(1) Course Requirement: Total required credit hours vary by specialized fields, see above table.
(2) Interim Review: The s tudent must pass an interim review either by the end of the third semester or in the beginning of the fourth semester i n order to proceed to thesis writing. The interim review evaluates the student in the following three aspects, i.e. academic ability, coursework performance, and a thesis proposal.
(3) Thesis Requirement: In the third semester, students must present a written thesis proposal for approval. The thesis - writing process is supervised by a principal advisor and an associate advisor in a related field. The thesis should be on a practical topic related to business or economics, and is defen ded in the middle of the sixth semester of the program.
( 4 ) Internship Requirement: Students should have worked as teaching assistants, research assistants, or interns in the society at large.

Note : A more detailed description tailored to each specialized field is available in Chinese. Please ask the staff if you want more information.