The School of Economics (SOE) was formally founded in 1988 by expanding SDU’s department of economics. Now SOE is among the leading economics schools in China, with 5 departments, 4 research institutes,  125 faculty members (78 professors), and over 2,300 fulltime students (1,400 Bachelors, 700 masters, 200 Ph.D.s) including near 100 international students from all degrees. In the recent 2017 discipline evaluation of the Ministry of Education, the discipline of applied economics SDU-SE is ranked Top 8 economics schools of China.

SOE is the pioneer of internationalization among China’s economics schools.

——It has recruited over 30 faculty members who obtained PhD degrees from top universities abroad, accounting for 1/3 of total faculty. Besides, over 60 faculty members has extensive overseas experience for one year or above. They have played key roles in reshaping the school in terms of conducting world leading research and distinguished English-taught courses.

——In the past five years, the faculty of SOE have published fruitful academic papers in domestic and international journals, such as Journal of Financial Economics, Journal of Development Economics, European Economic Review, Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, Journal of Mathematical Economics,  Journal of Comparative Economics, Economic Research Journal( in Chinese) and Management World (in Chinese). SOE actively undertakes about 100 research programs at the national level and provincial level, including National Natural Science Foundation Projects (NSFC), National Social Science Foundation Projects (SSFC), Key Project of Chinese Ministry of Education, and so on.

——In terms of teaching, English language has covered all core courses, from Bachelor to PhD degrees. There are also one prominent all-English taught classes named ‘Economics and Finance International Experimental’ class, which select the best students in SDU. Every year, a quarter of graduates (i.e. about 80 ) will continue their further study abroad. Among them, about 50% could apply to the world top 50, and 75% to top 100.

SOE has endeavored to build virtual and sustainable collaborations with foreign scholars, universities and institutes.

——Multiple Nobel Prize laureates such as Robert Mundell and James Mirlees are invited to SOE to give insightful lectures and seminars.

——SOE has held successfully several internationally important conferences, such as‘International Conference of Methods in Internaitonal Finance Network’,‘Economic Organisation and Theory Conference’,  ‘Public Economics at the Regional and Local Level’.

——Joint degree programmes and exchange programmes have been launched together with overseas leading universities such as UC Berkeley, University of Pennsylvania, Cornell University,University of Wisconsin- Madison,University of Edinburgh, Tilburg University and University of Queensland. These programmes take various forms of‘exchange’, ‘1+1’, ‘2+2’, 3+2’, from undergraduate to postgraduate.

The vision of the School is to become a leading economics institution not only within China but also in the world.For this mission, the faculty and staff at SOE are fully dedicated to innovative research, interactive teaching and dynamic cooperation with research institutions around the world.